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Everyone has an inner leadership,

CoreCode helps develop yours!

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THE - The Human Element
UGL - Understanding Group and Leader in English
JGL - Efficiency Through Equality
UGL - Utveckling Grupp och Ledare
6the Day
UL in Swedish
RC -Radical Collaboration in English
THE -The Human Element in English


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Our company, our mission and vision


At CoreCode we strive to develop organizations and individuals towards effectiveness and improved profitability. Our concepts are based on reliable methods and can help simplify the way an organization is being managed. Our mission is to help businesses become more efficient.

Our vision: Constant success for our customers and for us!

This means that CoreCode strives to be known for having created a successful business environment within the leading management segment. From a customer’s point of view, CoreCode wants to be known for having taken part in the development of businesses and organizations that people want to be associated with and work for.



CoreCode can offer you support during the implementation of new strategies or workflows within your organization.

Fluctuating markets, economical downsizes or expansion can be some of the reasons to why many businesses have to go through changes and reorganizations. Change is a perfectly natural thing and can be very valuable if we just become aware of how it really affects us.
At CoreCode we believe in focusing on the individuals within your organization, to create awareness, self-knowledge and cooperation among your staff members.

Skills can be conducted in many different ways and in a broad sense, not only as formal education. Research show that 80% of brain development occurs on a daily basis and we strongly believe in the importance of understanding and learning from each other. 

At CoreCode we usually work by combining two different methodologies; the holistic-based learning and the LBD – Learning By Doing. 





How does it work?

  • Inventory - Together we'll find out how your business can utilize it's resources to become more efficient

  • Training - We discuss training alternatives such as open training courses, consulting services and enterprise development. 

  • Follow-up - In order to secure quality and to evaluate our performance and result. Custom solutionsApart from our concepts UGL, THE, RCFS and JGL we also offer several custom designed solutions in order to meet specific needs of companies and organizations. At CoreCode we strongly believe in the importance of openness, honesty and good, healthy relationships among staff members.



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