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People who feel good, are and do good.

People who feel good, feel significant, competent and well-liked.

We create meeting places through adapted assignments and open educations for you to achieve your strategic business goals and create organizations that are durably healthy and prosperous.

Open Courses

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GZHA - Green Zone Health Adventure

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RC - Radical Collaboration

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THE - The Human Element

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UGL - Understanding Group and Leader

Adapted assignments

The objective of our adapted assignments is to achieve and reach a unified organization by having a participatory process throughout. The method is the same regardless of if we are working with a single office department or a whole authority or multinational concern. We want our customers to grow so that in the future they can self-sufficiently implement a continual and effective change management program. In the long-term, we should be made redundant. You should have the skills and knowledge to do it yourself. Read more...



The course gave me a deeper understanding of the cause of the mental barriers I still carry within me despite previous journeys in personal development and exploration of my defensive behaviors. In a smooth way, Read more...

Vivianne Thomsson, Lic. Trainer The Human Element®& Radical Collaboration®
Ledarutveckling, Processledare, Coach och Vägledare, Jagutveckling AB

It is a very good course, UGL - Understanding Group and Leader. It will take you on a inner journey and give you memories for life!

Sava Cederholm, trainers/uality leaders, care and administration in Helsingborg





Absolutely !!! These courses  RC and THE are the best I have attended. Carry me so much personally experienced. There are no other courses that I have taken, that comes close to these. Read more..

Ann Maliniak, Special Education/Manager Education, LIF-the searching pharmaceutical companies