Intercultural Communication


Cultural differences affect our everyday lives, they inspire us and make us grow, but they can also lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. By avoiding these pitfalls, you and your co-workers save precious time and resources which can be put to better use focusing on your customers and profitability. This education will prepare you to successfully handle cultural differences.
Who are the target groups:

  • Businesses with multinational divisions who are required to cooperate and solve problems together
  • Swedish-owned companies with multicultural employees
  • Swedish-based companies and organizations active in intercultural environments
  • Public sector divisions who provide services to clients with multicultural backgrounds

What will you and your co-workers gain by participating in the education:

Among other things, the course covers the following themes:

The course is tailor-made to address the needs of your workplace. During the eduction short theoretical overviews will be combined with individual and group work. Depending on scope and depth, the education can be tailored to last anywhere from two hours to a couple of days.

We also offer courses in specific cultural competence for around 30 countries and regions, among others: Eastern Europe, North and East Africa, China and India.


What our participants think

“The course “Cooperation Challenges in the relationship with Eastern Europe” was a very interesting eye-opener on the ways to best collaborate with colleagues with a different culture. The training was very interactive, dynamic and lead by skilled and motivated trainer. The methods used were varied and helped getting both an intellectual perception as well as a “feeling” on the cultural differences.


Philippe Rolland,
Senior Solution Architect – Engagement Practice Management System
Ericsson AB, RECA


"During the workshop with our foreign subsidiary, Inna Saxe managed to balance the discussions regarding differences between Swedish and international corporate culture in an impressive manner. She underlined and calibrated our expectations of each other and our international subsidiaries and helped us to cooperate more efficiently.."   


Henrik Perbeck
Managing Director
Dometic Emerging Europe