We reflect your business
Your needs, your purpose, your goal, follow-up and evaluation

Work method


  • We develop the assignment together and create a common understanding of the current situation.
  • We set goals for the assignment – what objectives should be reached after the completion of the project?
  • We find out everything we need to know about factors such as structures, culture, norms, values, maturity level and critical success factors.
  • We plan the developmental journey and create an implementation plan with intermediate goals – how can we implement new knowledge to achieve long-term effects?
  • If needed, we will take a starting measurement in order to be able to assess results further down the line. Appropriate tools could, for example, be performing a GDQ measurement or working with Teambook or Mebook.
  • The specifics of the implementation process will vary according to need, purpose and aim. It could be internal specialized assignments, workshops, seminars, coaching or facilitating in selected groups and/or for individuals. However, some key recurring elements are: self-awareness training, focus on individual choice and responsibility, the individual in the group, relations and communication and the relation to the goals and utility of the business.
  • Follow-up and evaluation is a crucial step, one which is often forgotten in the eagerness to rush forward. By analyzing which parts of the process are helpful and which are detrimental, the possibility of additional efficiency and wellbeing for the organization and individual is unlocked.