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Manage conflicts in a more constructive way

Both business and individuals suffer as a result of badly handled conflicts. But it is neither realistic nor desirable to eliminate all conflicts. Conflict often has a negative connotation, yet the effects of conflict can be positive and negative. It´s all about how we deal with the conflicts that arise, according to researcher and conflict expert Thomas Jordan.  Read more

If you are looking for real change to happen

What if The Human Elelment is the answer to some of todays ’and tomorrows’ business challanges? What if we all can be part of the solution.  Read more

It's all about connection

The Human Element is a way of life, it includes the whole important stuff. It's also a very structured way for people in organisation to grow.  Read more

We offer the main key

– What we can offer is the answer to companies and people, to how to perform and feel better, says Anne-Monique Selles,  French consultant and THE publisher. When she says we, her focus is on France and also Europe, since both the need and the competence are big here.  Read more

Put people together and cooperate

Since 2015 CoreCode International has a Dutch partner in the Netherlands.
–We travel together to explore and create new opportunities, says Lambert de Haas, CEO at De Haas Interim & Consultancy in Terheijden, in the Netherlands.  Read more

Maximize your strengths and manage your weakeness with LIFO

Better relationships, effective leadership behaviour, increased resilience and collaboration. The LIFO personal survey reveals your behavioural pattern in both balanced circumstances and conflicted situations.  Read more

What does The Human Element mean to you?

We talked to 8 of the participants at the International Human Element Update. This is what they answered to the question: "What does The Human Element mean to you?"  Read more

Greater productivity and more fun

– how to create a Green Zone Culture !

We are better together and being together isn’t always easy.
– In the green zone we work to figure out ways in which to make relationships work better, so that we can be more effective with one another, which leads to better health, greater productivity and more fun, says Celeste Blackman, international consultant and co-founder of The Green Zone Culture Group.

Read more about how to create and sustain a Green Zone Culture...



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