Profound shifts in individuals and teams.

THE - The Human Element

- Profound shifts in individuals and teams.

The Human Element


Do you feel that you are significant, competent and likable in most situations in your life?

There is no product, service, task or innovative system that cannot be sabotaged or ruined by poor attitudes and bad relationships.

In this 5 days THE workshop, developed by Dr. Will Schutz, participants learn the underlying causes of these problems and how to address them productively. The workshop provides a simple framework for understanding human behavior and creating greater accountability, candor and awareness. It offers a proven and powerful process for creating high-trust environments in which people feel fully engaged and supported. This highly interactive workshop is experiential and includes scientifically based self-assessment questionnaires, group feedback,and skills practice.

The learning is applicable to a variety of areas including leadership, teamwork, customer service, communication and collaboration.
Participants explore how and why they behave in certain ways and how their behaviors and attitudes impact themselves and others. Going far beyond traditional behavioral approaches, this program is designed to equip participants with the skills to transform groups and organizations by motivating and empowering them to become engaged generators of productivity.


THE - The Human Element in English

Current courses

Start date Site Supervisors Available
2025-06-09 Skåne: Hovs Hallar (Sweden) Magdalena Helander , Kurt Karlsson 10 Book Course details


Who Should Attend: Executives, directors, managers, team leaders, human resource managers, consultants, project managers and coaches.



Participants will improve their personal and interpersonal effectiveness (emotional and social intelligence) while learning how to create environments that build trust, engagement and collaboration. Specifically individuals become more effective at:

  • Influencing and achieving results through others
  • Creating cultural change in the workplace
  • Handling tense situations productively and positively
  • Understanding what inspires and motivates people toward top performance
  • Understanding what triggers fear and resistance in people
  • Confronting and resolving conflict skillfully


Includes several of the Elements of Awareness, an integrated series of instruments that measure all aspects of human functioning and relationships. The Elements of Awareness are based on FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) theory, a simple, yet powerful model for understanding and improving personal and interpersonal effectiveness. Highly interactive, experiential program designed to engage participants fully in experiences that will enhance their productivity and deepen their satisfaction with work and life.


Groupsize: No more than 10 participants.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required.