Inna Saxe

Partner, consultant

 +46 (0)70 752 68 87

Areas of expertise

Inna has worked with communication in various capacities for over 30 years, the last ten within organizational development, both in Sweden and internationally. Inna mainly works with tailored educations for management and employee groups. Her focus is on revealing the connections between personal values and corporate principles; to become aware of different modes of internal and external communication and developing the ability to effectively cooperate in both the short and long-term. Inna is a certified instructor in Radical Collaboration and educates groups and individuals in conflict prevention and facilitating communication, including intercultural. She works in five languages: Swedish, Russian, English, Polish and Ukrainian.      


Inna was active as a journalist in the Ukraine, Russia and Sweden and worked as a project manager for around ten projects in international development work (Sida) in Eastern Europe, Kazakstan and China. The aims of these projects was to develop organizations and leadership and provided an opportunity for Inna to sharpen her methods within organizational development, conflict management and team building. While working on these projects she simultaneously furthered her education in leadership, group development and communication and subsequently began her career as a consultant.     



  • Certified instructor in Radical Collaboration
  • DISC behavioral analysis
  • Around ten courses in leadership, communication, group and personal development
  • Intercultural communication