Michael Szendof Carlsson

CEO, Founder, partner, consultant

 +46 (0)70 593 38 32

Areas of expertise

Michael instructs in UGL, THE (The Human Element) and Radical Collaboration. Is a Senior Consultant and mostly works with processes of change and adapted assignments. Michael focuses on personal development for managers and ties that to a larger context within their organization. This entails analysis, design and implementation of long-term processes of change in various businesses. A goal and a challenge is to work with these issues in a global context or larger contexts such as the EU; to promote organizations to strive towards the same goal, not only in words but also in action.  


Michael is a behavioral scientist and has been working with leadership, managerial and employee development for over 15 years. For many years worked as a manager at various levels in the Swedish Defense. Among other things he worked as a course coordinator, head teacher and head of department at the Military Academy of Karlberg. Michael also has a past as a professional athlete, something that has been useful to him for his ability to focus as corporate leader, consultant and coach. He is one of the founders of CoreCode International.



  • Certified instructor in UGL and tutor for new UGL instructors.
  • Certified instructor of The Human Element LHEP, Radical Collaboration
  • Senior trainer of Radical Collaboration and Trusting Cooperation
  • GDQ, IMGD (instrument of measurement for group development)
  • Element B
  • Teambook
  • Mebook
  • SDI Motivating Value Systems
  • Belbin Teamskills