It´s all about connection

– The Human Element is a way of life, it includes the whole important stuff. It's also a very structured way for people in organisation to grow, says Geneviève Liot, Belgian coach, consultant and part of the International Human Element Network.

We got to talk with Geneviève Liot at the International Human Element Update in Bordeaux. Since she also attended a CoreCode Radical Collaboration seminar (RC) some years ago, it was really great to meet again exchanging experiences and memories.
–  I’m here to connect, to meet all good friends here. To me this is a unique network where I can feel alive. And then it is all this great hugging, says Geneviève Liot and smiles.
She is a Belgian coach, consultant and part of the Global Human Element Network. Geneviève is today also a Radical Collaboration (RC) trainer, and remembers when she came to Sweden attended her own, first RC seminar. She got inspired by the way the trainers worked.
– I liked their way of facilitating, in a gentle way, quickly deepening the conversation and process. Always starting from where we, the participants, were. It made me feel safe. We could be ourselves along the way. You know, it’ s all about connection.

   Geneviève Liot