Put people together and cooperate

Since 2015 CoreCode International has a Dutch partner in the Netherlands.
–We travel together to explore and create new opportunities, says Lambert de Haas, CEO at De Haas Interim & Consultancy in Terheijden, in the Netherlands.


When Lambert de Haas and Kurt Karlsson, CEO at CoreCode International, met in France to co-facilitate a Human Element based training, they very soon realized that they shared values, goals and backgrounds. When they met again in California exchanging ideas on how to develop their respective businesses, they decided to start working closer together.
– We were moving in the same direction and said, why not travel together and see what happens. We have good products and good ideas. Together we can develop our organizations, says Lambert de Haas.

The importance of feeling connected
The Human Element, is one of the best leadership programs available, according to Lambert de Haas. Methods like The Human Element add quality to our personal and interpersonal connections, which is important today when it’s so easy to get disconnected to others.
–The quality of the connection between people is in fact one of the biggest issues of our time. If you are not connected with yourself it is very hard to connect with other people. This is crucial for us as individuals and as a society.
–In order to grow the awareness about the importance of the quality of the personal and interpersonal connections, we need to put people together and really cooperate.

Benefit from different experiences
Even though there is no obligation to do business together, next year (2017) Lambert de Haas and Magdalena Helander, partner and consultant at CoreCode International  in Sweden, will run a Radical collaboration seminar together, in English.
– In the future we might for example, attract clients from both Sweden and The Netherlands, since they work in the same kind of industry and could benefit from each others' experiences. It’s all about finding opportunities for our clients to meet and expand their benefit.

Exchange of ideas
But why work with a Swedish company when there are a lot of Dutch companies working with leadership development, and so much closer?
One main advantage with the cooperation is the exchange of ideas, says Lambert de Haas.
– When I talk to Dutch colleagues we work in the same setting, but with my Swedish colleagues I get access to new ideas, I or my Dutch colleagues would never have thought of. It’s just like traveling. It will give you new ideas and new perspectives.

Lambert de Haas