We offer the main key

– What we can offer is the answer to companies and people, to how to perform and feel better, says Anne-Monique Selles, French consultant and THE publisher.
Her focus is on France and also Europe, since both the need and the competence are big here.

– The French need more humanity in the companies. The economy has been bad for the last four years. I feel like the companies have gone back to the1980’s. They work with people, but don't treat them well. We see a lot of burnouts in France today, says Anne-Monique Selles, consultant and The Human Element Publisher in France, French Belgium, Switzerland and Morocco.
Many French companies are in reconstruction and fire people. Salaries are going down.
– They put all the energy on finance and forget about the humans. This is the right time for what we can offer. She lists The Human Element (THE), Radical Collaboration, (RC) and Implicit Career Search (ICS) and so forth.
– It's the answer to companies and people, in order to perform and feel better.

Networking is key
A good sign is that the demand for ICS training is increasing in France, more and more organisations see the benefit. Anne Monique Selles believes that this will also expand the collaboration between trainers and consultants.
– To me networking is very important; already in 1993 we created the European Update. I sense that we have a special connection within Europe.
Despite of all different cultures and languages we still have a lot in common. She would like more European consultants to cooperate more.
– We have all these competences so we have a lot of opportunities. If we can make an offer with all these languages we have, we are so powerful and our clients would really benefit from us working together.

   Anne-Monique Selles