What does The Human Element mean to you?

We talked to 8 of the participants at the International Human Element Update.
This is what they answered to the question: "What is The Human Element to you?"

Flavienne, France
The Human Element is aligned with myessence; especially the encounter process lives in me. We sort of recognize each other.

Robert, US
It supports people to reach a deeper level than just behaviour, to a sense of who they are. It is lasting and sustainable.

Laura, Italy & France
The most powerful is the openness with myself, when I touch my essence. This is the way to create useful, fun values for me and others.

Emi, Japan
Knowing The Human Element gave me the ability and option to work out problems with people I didn't work so well with. It builds both fun and trust!

Luis, Portugal
It's a reference frame of human relationship. It's a way to be and to understand myself, as well as others. It's a life philosophy.

Mis, Sweden
It was like coming home. During these years I've grown myself, as well as experienced the magic awakening in others.

Olivier, France
It is the most simple and the most powerful, to be used at all times in life. Trust and confidence are the keys, everywhere.

Mariola, Mexico
It is transition from being in transaction, to being in relations – in organisations, in my life. It is a chance to build a better world for everyone.