The Human Element

Profound shifts in individuals and teams.

The Human Element

The program is a transformational experience that aims to maximize the potential of individuals and teams. The program is five days + follow up and consists of a series of modules sequenced according to FIRO Theory, which brings people step-by-step to increased openness, accountability, and awareness which builds skills for highly effective teamwork. The program is an intensed and warm interactive process of experience based learning.

The Human Element combines the best of both behavioral science and experiential adult learning, using scientifically validated assessments, experiential methodologies, individual and group feedback, physical activities, group discussion, and opportunities for self-reflection. 

       You will have the opportunity for:

  • Increased confidence, self awareness and self esteem
  • Improved capacity to deal with difficult issues 
  • More willingness to take risks or ask for help
  • Improved skills for giving and takning effective feedback to improve performance
  • Being more accountable and aware of own defenses and the impact in relations with others
  • More clearly communicating of what is important
  • More awareness of the impact on others
  • More flexible and collaborative

Maximum groupsize 10 persons. Two well experienced trainers.

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The Human Element in English

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