UGL - Development of Group and Leader
in English - referens

It is a very good course. It will take you on a inner journey and give you memories for life! The course is very valuable in terms of opening your mind and senses and how you interact within a group.
What do you think of the exercises and assignments that you caried through during the course?
Tough, funny, scary, inconvenient etc
The course helped me to understand more about myself as a person as well as my behavior in different situations. In fact, during the UGL I've discovered parts of me that I was not aware of before. The course also helped me to enhance my interaction with others as it gave me different points of view and ideas that will be of use to me in my daily life. One of the biggest points that I will take with me is the importance of the reflection process. I really believe that this course helps to open the mind of people and the growth andimprovement of the relations in life.

Sava Cederholm, Handledare/Kvalitetsledare, Vård- och Omsorgsförvaltningen Helsingborg